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Amberian Dawn: Reveladas Capa E Tracklist De "Re-Evolution"

Data de lançamento. Primavera 2013 [Finlândia]

Kokko- Eagle of Fire
Lily of the Moon
Come Now Follow
Crimson Flower
Circus Black
Lost Soul
Cold Kiss
River of Tuoni
Charnel's Ball

Fonte: Site Oficial

Tuomas Seppälä, AD songwriter, about the new album:
"We all thought that the best way to introduce our new singer Capri to our fans is by re- recording a compilation album of our best songs. It was very important for us to give you all a broad overview about Capri’s great talent in all its facets and present her vocal sound and way of singing to you before we start recording a whole new studio album. 
We hope very much that you like the fresh sound created through Capri’s voice and the re-recording of the music parts which was necessary due to some required key changes.
I believe that this compilation album is an excellent "visiting card" of the new Amberian Dawn sound and style, all in all we all are really happy with the results we achieved."
"Re-EVOLUTION” will be released in Finland by late spring 2013 through KHY Suomen Musiikki. Album was mixed by Mikko P. Mustonen and mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers.  We plan to release this album digitally worldwide at the same time.
The exact release date will be announced very soon.
Furthermore a music video for "Kokko - Eagle of Fire" will be shot and put online in April 2013. This video is going to be produced by Routafilmi, the same company which brought out one of our earlier videos (Arctica). 

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