sábado, 30 de março de 2013

Voltei A Escrever :)

Kiss My Cowboy Boots

You gotta make your way
like a rug on my floor
i'm not cold-hearted casanova
i'm all you wished for

Yeah come here and get me
got you bended in one knee
it'S 'bout time you learn
how to workship me

I'll have you down there
'till you start to raise roots
it's 'bout time you learn
how to kiss my cowboy boots.


How sweet it is
the sound of money on my pocket
the money i spent on your locket
cost me a dozen dollars, geez

I want you, i want that too
i want all money can buy
guess i'll be seeing you on my rearview
better kiss you goodbye

'Cause you aren't my life
You're not my everything
As long as you don't open your purse
and i hear that sweet sound, Ka-ching!

Keep This Souvenir

Lost inside your mail box
there's a postcard waiting to be read
reminding you that leaving this ol' town
was everything i would ever need

You'll read it filled with anger
'cause i left you all alone
but just remember that all i've lived since then
i had to live on my own

Keep this souvenir
from someone who loved you long ago
still you may never loved me that much
i will still love you so.

Tudo isto é o resultado de uma tarde inteira a ouvir música country lol.

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