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Finest Selection: A Top 20 Songs By The Saturdays

Following Simon McMurdo's idea of selecting a bounch of the The Saturdays songs in order to create a decent retrospective, there are my two lists, one for singles alone and another one for miscellaneous songs.

Singles List:

10. Forever Is Over [From "Wordshaker" - 2009]

09. Gentleman [From "Living For The Weekend" - 2013]

08. Up [From "Chasing Lights" - 2008]

07. Notorious [From "On Your Radar" - 2011]

06. My Heart Takes Over [From "On Your Radar" - 2011]

05. What About Us [From "Living For The Weekend" - 2013]

04. Disco Love [From "Living For The Weekend" - 2013]

The Saturdays have some songs like "Notorious" or the most recent single "What Are You Waiting For?" that are meant for the dancefllor and that's pretty much all we can say about them. "Disco Love" it's quite different, it kind of takes us through a musical journey 'till 2014. It's quite amusing, both music and video.

03. All Fired Up [From "On Your Radar" - 2011]

This beat is just SICK...  And on top we have the sexiest music video ever made by The Saturdays. How could i find this annoying in the beginning?

02. Not Giving Up [From "Living For The Weekend" - 2013]

The girls took way TOO LONG to release this song as a single. The cheap promo [plus the cheap video] didn't make it justice. Notice that the video version of the song is way better than the album version.

01. Work [From "Chasing Lights" - 2008]

The attempt to look like a cheap version of The Pussycat Dolls doesn't ruin a perfect pop song does it? Most of the eldest fans of the band have "Work" has a personal favorite and so do i.

Miscellaneous List:

10. Not That Kinda Girl [From "Notorious" - Single - 2011]

09. Denial [From "Wordshaker" - 2009]

08. The Way You Watch Me [Solo Version] [From "30 Days" - Single - 2012]

07. Had It With Today [From "Higher" - Single - 2010]

06. Wordshaker [From "Wordshaker" - 2009]

05. Vulnerable [From "Chasing Lights" - 2008]

04. Chasing Lights [From "Chasing Lights" - 2008]

To be a title track you don't have to be a killer song. Just look at The Sats debut album self titled track.

03. Last Call [From "On Your Radar" - 2011]

Once in a while the girls like to quit their now more urban-influenced sound and just deliver a perfect ballad. Like this.

02. Problem With Love [From "Living For The Weekend" - 2013]

The hurge to make this sound like a dance song almost killed it but this is by far one of the finest songs i've ever heard from them.

01. Puppet [From "Headlines" - Ep - 2010]

If it wasn't for this song i'd probably forget about "Headlines".
This marks the perfect combo of kick-ass song with a funny message.

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