quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2016

Legend Of Kuekuatsheu

"That night, as a wolf's howls were heard, she told him a legend about wolves.

"Why is the moon so lonely?"... Because she used to have a lover...His name was Kuekuatsheu and they lived in the Spirit World together...And every night, they would wander the skies together, but one of the othe spirits was jealous.

Trickster wanted the moon for himself, so he told Kuekuatsheu that the moon has asked for flowers. He told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses, but Kuekuatsheu, taking the shape of a dog, didn't know that once you leave the Spirit World, you can never go back. And every night, he looks up in the sky and sees the moon and howls her name. But - he can never touch her again. "She added that Kuekuatsheu meant "the wolverine."

~to this day the beasts of the earth still cry to the moon baying out their sorrows to their love of whom is now intangible forever..."

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