sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

Mais Alguns Trabalhos Meus

Por que a publicidade é a alma do negócio :)

Forever Is

Forever may last a few months
it won't even help us pay our bills
we'll be homeless in no time
ready to run through these hills

Forever is just a cliché
some people use to write any song
i'll love you forever, that's me singing in your ear
in times when we use to not get along

Forever is such a long time
seems like yesterday
since u put that ring on my finger
it's been quite a lifetime.

Rules For My Funeral

Buy me a coffin with a tv
with your photo on the panel
as long as i'll be quite dead
i'll keep on forever watching your channel

I wanna be buried
with bells at my feet
so when i come back to haunt you
you'll hear a melody soft and sweet

Hide benneath my sleeve
Your scarf filled with drops of mead
so i'll be pleased to smell it everyday
every day of my death 

When i die, do nothing
don't go bury me that far
'cause i know that you were kidding
'bout death doin' us part.

Barney Stinson Everybody

I'm a big asshole, 
not gonna lie
but tell me how do i look
when i wear my suit & tie?

Eyes looking through your body,
my hair is blonde, you see
wouldn't you feel honoured
for dating a man like me?

Feel lucky 'cause i've picked you
As long as you're a nobody
And for the rest of you who still don't know me
Barney Stinson everybody.

From Everything To Requiem

I heard the marching band
playing our song with me all alone
and in that moment i knew
i knew that you were gone

It became the saddest song
the saddest song for me to sing
for it has lost its own melody
its meaning, everything

So i let my heart drop
like the leaves that fell on the fall
there's nothing left for me to give
i gave myself, i gave it all

Keepin' on chasing the marching band
to hear our song again
for it has become my personal hell
my dreadful melody, my requiem.

Fear Of Falling

The highest dreams are easily reached
when we have someone by our side
but when we find ourselves in despair
we found as well that we've been left aside

Left in the middle of the high rope
that is life without support
one little step at the time
it's not even worth the effort

So the fear of falling becomes real
when we finally decide to fall
and realize that there's no one on the ground
to sustain our fall after all.

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