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Introducing: Zephyrium

With the constant need to make everything avaliable for anyone there's an awareness of captivating larger audiences to listen to classical music.
Sadly most projects end up messing up the classics and there is too little of classic in them.

Zephyrium, a North-American two pieces duo consisting of Michelle Haché (vocals) and Derek Smootz (electronics)  one step back and two septs forward towards a million crossover projects and then there is Voyage, their debut album.

They went to the deepest of the roots of classical music when it came to choose the songs featured in "Voyage", as far as they cover a great bunch of classical composers giving them the ambiental vibe that i recall from Sleepthief's songs. Even though i have already listened to most of the songs there is no denying that they received some majestical touches making it feel like the first time when i listen to them. Is not it that makes music worth it? 

Michelle's one of the few singers in whom i truly sense the classical training which gives the listener the feeling of listening to some true gem and not some facade singer. (that already performed in several plays such as "The Sound of Music" and "Ida"Hands down to a singer who can perform in several languages with a proper diction. Expecting something in Portuguese on the next album. 

The ambience created around the songs by Derek's keyboards melts with Michelle's voice and as time passes the songs seem to fly by.
It is very interesting, from a listener's point of view, to recall the influces of different genres while listening to one single song and still feeling like they all come together to build a one-piece track. 

Such a brilliant surprise for which i thank Derek for giving me the pleasure of reviewing it.

For those of you who feel curious about this project, feel free to access their Facebook page as well as their official website. "Voyage" will be avaliable for purchase tomorrow.

Below there is a track from Derek's band Longing For Orpheus, "At Sea", the first collaboration he did with Michelle, that can give you a glimpse of what Zephyrium have to offer.

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